Press Release 5-20-2022

ROCS Teams up with filmmaker Garry Hustwit on Dieter Rams birthday to unveil the ROCS Kronberg

Press Release 5-18-2022

As of June 2022 ROCS will terminate our demi-builds (partial restorations) program so that we may streamline our processes and workflow focusing solely on our full restomod, full restorations & art car creation programs. We will continue to support our existing demi-build clients. Thank you for all your support as we look forward to expanding even further within the next 18 months.  Unsure where your car fits in? Please email us.

Richard Goncalves, Co-Founder & Creative Director

ROCS Motorport_RGB.jpg

Logo Facelift 4-29-2021

We love the fact that the quality of our builds is rooted in the vast years spent in the service and repair end of the Porsche world but we also felt it was time for a logo facelift. One that best represents who we are today as custom car designers and builders, as such, we effectively retire our current logo and proudly introduce to you our brand new shiny logo. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Richard Goncalves, Co-Founder & Creative Director

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