When was ROCS established?

We opened our doors in the same location we currently occupy in 1995.


What exactly does ROCS do?
We build Porsche restomods is the short answer but the full answer is much more complex.

We create functional art that fulfills your Porsche dreams, our own take and stamp on the Porsche scene if you will. With well over 50 years of combined Porsche experience in all facets including motorsports our cars show and go the way they should and the way you should want them.

Are you a service center?

No, while we did start out as a full service repair shop offering restoration type work we no longer take on service or general repair work and concentrate strictly on building your hotrod. We do of course service the cars we build though our cars are built to be repairable by competent Porsche shops worldwide.

How technically involved do you get?
As involved as it can get!

We are Porsche nerds and are technically well versed in all aspects of restoring and restomodding your Porsche.

​What cars do you handle?

911, 912, 914 & 356

Do you offer transport ?
Yes, open & enclosed transport is available almost anywhere in the world.

Who are your clients?
Our client base ranges across multiple continents.

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